Gangadharan Nagendra, Yarl Technologies Pty Ltd
Gangadharan Nagendra

Yarl Technologies Pty Ltd was founded in 2012 by Gangadharan Nagendra.

His vision is to provide services to entrepreneurs who wish to test their engineering concepts.

Nagendra has over thirty years of experience in a wide range of engineering fields and endeavours to provide innovative solutions.

Yarl Technologies provide engineering services in:

Engineering Services

  • Industrial automation
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Electronic engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Software programming
  • Engineering educational tools
  • Music instruments

Yarl technologies has the capacity and capabilities to provide proof of concept, design work, prototyping, small scale manufacturing, assembling and testing services.

No job or idea is too small for Yarl Technologies!

Drop us an email or call us to discuss potential endeavors. Also find us in Facebook, Twitter, Google Business and Google+.

Check our website for a list of services and products to discover the range of services we can offer.