Gangadharan Nagendra learnt Carnatic vocal music from Pon Suntharalingam and then from Yalpanam Sri A K Karunakaran. Later he learnt Carnatic Flute from his father Dr. Tiyagaraja Gangadharan.  Nagendra is an avid music lover and as a hobby, he makes music instruments. In 1986 he built a Tanpura and a Talometer. Since then he has been experimenting with Carnatic Flutes (Venu) made out of various kinds of materials to produce perfectly tuned clear and crisp notes.

DGTAL Talometer demo

DGTAL Talometer guiding Musicians from Panchamam Arts And Creations

Lazar Thurakkal Sebastine’s students playing Chaturasra Játhi Thriputa Thála Alangáram.

Yarl Carnatic Flute demo by Sridhar Gopalaratnam

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