With Online engineering education becoming more common these days, there is a high demand for valuable online practical exercises that a student can and should do to verify theoretical concepts. While training students with troubleshooting ac/dc circuits in class and online webinars, Nagendra realised that students lack the opportunity to try and test various scenarios with a question “What-if?”. He believes that, one will learn the “how-to troubleshoot a circuit” only with curiosity and trying out the what-if scenarios – without the fear of damaging the components or causing a hazard! This is only possible with software simulated practical exercises. When a student tries out various possibilities and allowed to make mistakes, he will learn and improve his troubleshooting skills.

To promote this idea of learning by making mistakes, Nagendra created a few software simulators for understanding basic concepts of ac and dc circuits. He is very keen to create more challenging simulators. If you have a need for such a simulator, please feel free to discuss with him. You can send an email to