We have a range of off-the-shelf products available and able to design and develop new products to suite your needs.

  • Educational Tools
  1. Impedance – Phasor Simulator 
  2. 3 Phase Impedance Simulator
  3. KVCL Simulator
  4. Pressure Instrument Calibration Simulator
  • Music Instruments
  1. DGTAL – Carnatic Metronome – Talometer
  2. Yarl Flute
SKU Product Name Price More
Yarl-3ph-IMP1 3 Phase Impedance Simulator USD $10.00 view more
DGTAL-2012-P DGTAL Talometer - Carnatic Metronome - Premium Edition USD $90.00 view more
DGTAL-2012-S DGTAL Talometer - Carnatic Metronome Standard Edition USD $70.00 view more
Yarl-ET Energy Tracker USD $1,900.00 view more
Yarl-IMP1 Impedance Simulator USD $10.00 view more
Yarl-KVCL1 Kirchhoff’s voltage, current laws software simulator USD $10.00 view more
Yarl-Cal1 Pressure Instruments Calibration Simulator USD $40.00 view more
Flute-1 Yarl Flute USD $55.00 view more
Flute-2Set Yarl Flutes - 2 Flute Set USD $80.00 view more
Flute-4Set Yarl Flutes - 4 Flute Set USD $120.00 view more
Flute-6Set Yarl Flutes - 6 Flute Set USD $180.00 view more
Flute-8Set Yarl Flutes - 8 Flute Set USD $240.00 view more
Yarl-Tanpura Yarl Tanpura USD $680.00 view more

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