With the growing demand for electricity, utility companies struggle to maintain power quality for their customers. Power quality issues are typically any change in power, voltage, current or frequency which interferes with the normal operation of electrical equipment. Grounding faults and Harmonics play a big part in causing these issues.

A state-of–the-art 10kW micro-grid power generation system is built to demonstrate these issues and to conduct research that will provide with useful data. The information collected on this micro-grid can be used to develop solutions that will help utility companies to manage these power quality issues.

This micro-grid power generation system has a motor coupled generator control with the ability to change speed, and introduce various types of loads to simulate the issues mentioned above. Control system uses Schneider PLC, HMI, VSD to control a 12kW motor that drive a 10kW three phase generator. User can operate this system through its intuitive HMI, collect data and store in a server for analysis.

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