Gangadharan Nagendra has many years of experience in electronics industry and he has been providing training in engineering from certificate level 3 to advanced diploma. He has developed several automation systems using programmable logic controllers (PLC) and human machine interfaces (HMI). He has also developed several embedded microcontroller systems to meet client’s needs. He has created a few educational simulators for training students with practical exercises using LabVIEW. Over the years he has gained a broad skill set and hope to help others by providing his services. One can easily source expert consultants for large budget projects, but for low or no budget projects, it’s very hard or almost impossible to find expert consultants who are willing to help. This is where Nagendra wants to make a difference by providing his consultancy services to low or no budget projects. The completion of a project and client satisfaction makes it all worthwhile for him.

He is delighted to provide his services in the following areas:

  1. Automation
  2. Electrical / Electronic Product Development and Manufacturing
  3. Software Simulation
  4. Software Development
  5. Android App Development
  6. Technical Documentation

If you need assistance with any of the above services contact Nagendra by email ( He will provide you with guidance for you to develop your ideas yourself or get him to develop a complete solution for you.